Full Spectrum Caps

Full Spectrum Caps are a great alternative for those wishing a complete multi-vitamin/mineral formula in a capsule. Many people prefer these when traveling or if by chance they may be hyper-sensitive to one or more of the ingredients in our Liquid Supreme. Full Spectrum Caps represent over two years of formulation trial and error in order to produce a stabilized product in capsule form. The bio-electrical trace elements are very sensitive to dehydration and a specific moisture level had to be maintained in order to keep them biologically active. Full Spectrum caps provide over 120 nutrients to the living system of the human body, more than virtually any other encapsulated formula on the market. We must remember that not all supplements are created equally and that we should learn to read labels. When you read the label of the Full Spectrum Caps you will quickly see that this is one of the most complete supplement formulations available. Call for shipping cost
Full Spectrum Caps
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